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Posted By:- Acharya rajesh      Week:- 16 Aug to 22 Aug

Aries  Aries(मेष):   Your Rashi would benefit this week .economic conditions would be good and you would get good results in service and business fileld .time period between 15 to 19 is good .don't take risk on 20th.

Taurus  Taurus(वृषभ):   Time would be fine .Excellent for old recovery . If you have lost in gold or silver then this week is good for u . Don't lend your money to anybody as it may be loss for you .Lord Ganesha would bless you .

Gemini  Gemini(मिथुन):   Your problems would end by 17-20 .You may get sudden gain . There are less chance of loss .You may get aartik labh in business and service .

cancer  Cancer(कर्क):   do not take risk on 15 & 16 as you may loss . Start work with patience on 17,18 & 19 . Your luck would click on 20th ,for this worship Lord Shiva .

Leo  Leo(सिंह):   Good yoga for benefit in family business . Do market survey before starting any new ventures .18,19 would be the day where problems regarding money would be solved . Saturday would be beneficial .

Virgo  Virgo(कन्या):   You have only half a week left so do whatever till Wednesday .If you invest in your own business then you nay get good benefit . Keep fast on Wednesday .

Libra  Libra(तुला):   Think well before you speak ,follow this week . Plan and think on 15th & 16th and kick off the project on 17th .Time is good for getting benefit .

Scorpio  Scorpio(वृश्चिक):   Be cautious in investing this week.Avoid risk this week . work done this week should be from own conscious . Only 20th is good .rest week is very dull this week .

Sagittarius  Sagittarius(धनु):   For selling 15th & 16th are good . For investing wait till 19th . Go for long term investment on 20th .

Capricorn  Capricorn(मकर):   This is the time where you can make profit from your investment .Your old savings would now be used .investment in land is the best for u .

Aquarius  Aquarius(कुम्भ):   You are the king of this week .Time is good for you .Your decision would be right in terms of profit of your friends .Work with full force .Lord Hanuman's blessings would continue

Pisces  Pisces(मीन):   Time of mixed results .start of this week is good for u .Wait on 17th & 18th .Period between 19th -20th is good for selling .Keep all the work in your supervision

Posted By:- Acharya rajesh      Month:- Aug

Aries  Aries(मेष):   positive healthy signal for this month. Emergency medical treatment May be required by you. For any type of surgery, the time is ok.Except Tuesday, you can take any type of deceision.Money flow will increase.

Taurus  Taurus(वृषभ):   you should take a sensible decision this month. Stay healthy, according to the doctor; change your thinking Take extra precaution to consume the medicine. Avoid self Medication.

Gemini  Gemini(मिथुन):   this month will be good for surgery. Take extra precaution For seasonal changes. Time is good for medical examination.Despite good time you will not feel well.

cancer  Cancer(कर्क):   This month will be profitable, Due to good effect of planets Your health will remain good. Take extra precautions for bone and Muscular diseases. Due to pressure in work, take extra care for Your health.

Leo  Leo(सिंह):   your positive thinking will lead to your good health. You can experience Stomach diseases .Time is good for you; there will be gain in money Front, curtail medical expenses.

Virgo  Virgo(कन्या):   Time is good for orthopedic treatment, Time is favorable for Any type of surgery, Health will be good in this month, Recovery From illness is predicted.

Libra  Libra(तुला):   Time is not favorable for mental tension, don’t stress too much, .This month there may be increase in blood pressure and depression. Time will be favorable for treatment, money front will be strong.

Scorpio  Scorpio(वृश्चिक):   Time is favorable for health. The conjunction of mars may bring illness But recovery will be there. Your health will be ok tension will decrease And the whole month will pass happily.

Sagittarius  Sagittarius(धनु):   You should communicate with other patient also suffering from same Problem as you are facing, with this your confidence will increase and You will be confident. The time may bring you tensions but you will not Face any major setback.

Capricorn  Capricorn(मकर):   you time is ok but you should take extra precaution with your food. You can control your disease with right food intake. You should be alert For your health. Due to not control on your food habits you may face Health problems.

Aquarius  Aquarius(कुम्भ):   due to Saturn and sun, you will remain healthy. If you are facing serious Health disorder, the time remains favourable for recovery. Naturopathy Any steps taken for health will gain positive results. May give positive results.

Pisces  Pisces(मीन):   This month you may face extreme labour. Due to non completion of proper Sleep you mace health disorder.Dont work till late night. If you are a patient Mental dipression,you should take extra precaution. This month is ok but The situation will keep you busy


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What your ego considers “mine,” becomes your false identity in the dream. Your ego obscures and hides your true identity, and pretends to be you.


Sri Krishna

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"KARMA PRADHAAN VISHWA KARI RAAKHAA, JO JAS KARIYA SO TAS PHAL CHAAKHAA" :The world is based on the laws of Karma. As is one’s Karma (deeds), so are its Phalas (results)

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