Posted By:- Bhawna Sharma      Week:-16 Jul to 22 Jul

Aries  Aries(मेष):   Some of you are likely to travel abroad while others are likely to receive business and monetary gains through overseas associations. A person of opposite sex is likely to be helpful and the married may plan a brief holiday with their spouse. It will be an enjoyable trip.

Taurus  Taurus(वृषभ):   You should make new plans only after careful analysis of the present circumstances. Avenues of needless spending are likely to crop up. Hence you should make efforts to rein in your expenditure.

Gemini  Gemini(मिथुन):   You may feel that you are not getting your rightful due. However you are required to bear with the inconveniences for a while longer. Matters are likely to improve in very short time. Those in love will share intimate togetherness and happiness, forgetting past bickering.

cancer  Cancer(कर्क):   Enjoyment of romance and pleasures would be of a high order. Those who have been waiting to settle a score with someone will get an opportunity to do so. However do not be impulsive. It would be beneficial not to overspend on visitors and guests, you have to make efforts to control your expenditure. Meetings in later half of the week are likely to lead to meaningful agreements.

Leo  Leo(सिंह):   Creative interests, recreational activities and children's affairs will also engage you attention. Love and romance, which at the moment are pleasant diversions, could become meaningful and intimate. Some of you will be able to devote time to hobbies, while others may take a brief vacation.

Virgo  Virgo(कन्या):   Family life is under protective stars and the week is going to be comfortable for working women. The period is favourable for purchasing or changing your vehicle. Property affairs take off with a swing, be it house or land. Money matters are likely to take a drastic positive change and a marked improvement in financial resources is indicated.

Libra  Libra(तुला):   Some information that you have in your hand too would prove beneficial. You seem to be in the mood to retreat form social and business activities, to live life at a more leisurely place. Week is auspicious for purchasing luxurious articles. This time frame is quite favourable for enjoying romance and marital bliss too. An important financial deal, which you always felt was in your hand, might slip away if you try to be casual and carefree.

Scorpio  Scorpio(वृश्चिक):   Housewives may take active part in social activities. Seniors could undertake a journey to explore the possibilities of working overseas, or perhaps to make arrangements for emigrating with their family. Youngsters are likely to attend a social function or a fun-filled outdoor party. If required you should not hesitate to compromise on minor issues.

Sagittarius  Sagittarius(धनु):   For some of you enjoyment of romance and pleasures would be of a high order and you might come across some windfall gains. If you desire to work overseas, you may soon get an opportunity to travel. At this point of time your career and financial situation will need more attention. Attend to your routine work, which is being neglected.

Capricorn  Capricorn(मकर):   Difference of opinion at domestic front might be upsetting. It would be beneficial to not to lose your temper and choose your words with care. Love life will be satisfactory. Buy something for your spouse that has been expected for a long time. Long distance journeys are indicated during this week and there is good news in store for you.

Aquarius  Aquarius(कुम्भ):   You have to adopt a very rational and intelligent approach to tide over this adverse time frame. Despite all these a marked improvement in financial resources is indicated. Financial gains are imminent through speculation also, provided you are certain about where to put your money.

Pisces  Pisces(मीन):   Your spouse might give you a surprise gift and romance may blossom at your place of work. This time frame is also favourable for going on an outing with your romantic partner. This would increase your expenditure. However you have to make efforts to control your expenditure. The employed would do well in their present job. The opportunities to prove your capabilities would arise and you will get job satisfaction.