sharad purnima on 11th oct-2011 :-

                SHARAD POORNIMA   ON 11th October , 2011



Sharad Poornima is believed to be the gateway to winter season .On this day Lord Krishna performed MAHARAAS .It’s also known as mahalaxmi parv .Moon is closest to earth on this day and the moon light gives a very soothing effect to  both earth and Us .Its mesmerizing & joyful beauty for our the common men.Traditionally it’s believed that Amrit from moon falls on earth on this day.

As per our Vedas  Lord Krishna on this day performed MAHARAAS on  Vanshi tatt at Vrindavan ,he was 11 years old .He was accompanied by 9 lakhs Gopika’s of Braj region .This was DIVYA MAHRAAS .Its believed that Lord Krishna turned into 6months old  through yogmaya and did raslela with every gopika.

Lord Shiva also came to `watch the raasleela in form of Gopika . From that moment Lord shiva is also known as GOPESHWAR Mahraj and lord Krishna as Raseswar Shrikrishna .

Shrimvad Bagvat Gita // Dasam skand // adaya 29-33 / briefly described Mahraas as ‘NITYANT ALOKIK AUR ADHYATMIK LEELA’ .Lord Krishna is atma ,Radha is  atamakar vritiyan while gopika are    atambhimuk vritiyaan  

Gopika’s ran to the tune of flute of Lord Krishna leaving behind whole work was in fact sacrifice of religion, Arth and Kama. The blessing of lord Krishna is mokshdayak ,this is why he sacrificed all his daitvas .this is the sign of VIVEK & VARAGAYA.

VIVEK - knowledge of Nitya and aanitya is acquired through vivek

VARAGAYA –is the sighn of lok parlok ke bhogon mein abhilipta.


In today’s word tension, jealousy and ill feelings is spread among all human being, this festivals gives us a reason to have inner happiness and harmony which would in turn make earth a better place to live.

The rituals –

As the moon spreads special lights on this day which is very curative and nourishing to mind body and soul .

Its believed that indra is the king of Herbs [jadi booti] while Moon is the one who gives life to herbs [palavit ] .moon is also mann ka karak . On the day of sharad poornima moon reflects special lights it’s just like the relation body and soul. Due to this moonlight the herbs get amrit tatav, even plantswhich are dying is believed to come life .The festival comes as boon for the patients who are suffering from ASTHAMA ,HEART PROBLEM,BRAIN &MIGRAIN can get maximum benefit through the herbs.


Milk and rice is related to moon so we should prepare KHEER of milk, rice and elaichi and put the same in moonlight from 11.40pm to 12.30am .this would turn into very curative and nourishing for our mind body and soul .Its believed that moonlight also shower amrit which gives long life to us. We should also give ark to Moon through water and milk

Those having problems related to cold and asthama should use saboodana instead of Rice.

It’s also believed that Goddess Laxmi comes in night to shower her blessing to those who are awake .As moon is the brother of goddess so we also say chanda mama .It’s also kwon as KO JAGRITI vrat due to this .

 by  Acharya Rajesh

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