Tips :-

If you clear spider net with broom on Sunday, there will be no shortage of money.if you clear your floors with phitkiri on Sunday, illness will nor enter your home.if you observe fast on Sunday, You may get edge in court cases. if you bath with dahi and kaali mitti on Sunday, there will be no skin problems.


Deepak represents panchatatva.The oil denotes water, soil denotes earth, Flame represents fire, smoke denotes sky and the movement of flame represents Air. Lighting the Deepak daily stops bad omen to enter the house. Lighting the same On Tulsi manch during Thursdays can stop gain in loans. The use of desi ghee in deepak along puja with haldi and kumkum will control Serious illness.


Its raining ,so collect rain water in a bottle and on the day of swati nakshatra pour one drop in your drinking drum ,this would keep u and family disease free. 


If u are in mental tension then keep any silver ornament which was wered by your mother with u . this would bring relief in 36 hour and general tension is released in 24 min .