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Detailed Life Reading
This report is the most comprehensive report offered in term of an all purpose reading. The reports are prepared by Acharya Rajesh.

The Vedic system is used to make a comprehensive report by analyzing:

  • The basic strength of planets.
  • Operating Dasas.
  • Transits based on Moon, Sun sign as well as ascendant (Gochar).

Detailed Horoscope Reading
An astrological reading usually covers life in two aspect - :

  • Description of events in life
  • Timing of these very events when the description is likely to manifest.

We have on this service covered different readings about your horoscope in different segments.

For the detailed horoscope reading we have put together a comprehensive reading, which will expose you to Vedic astrology and describe the various aspects of your life and with predictions as below :

  • Description of all planets and their effects in your birth chart.
  • Description of the following areas of life
  • Your personality, looks, attitude, temperament and basic strength of your horoscope
  • Family life, speech, thinking patters.
  • Money matters, success in investments, income source and general level of affluence.
  • Communications, courage, career and sibling.
  • Parents, level of happiness & domestic harmony.
  • Children, status, creative powers.
  • Health, debt, enemies, competition.
  • Marriage / Partnerships.
  • Unearned wealth & property luck.
  • Level of luck, interest in religion & spirituality, level of morality.
  • Your career, your Karma & the kind of deeds.
  • Gains and inflows from various sources.
  • Sexual desires & their fulfillment
  • Losses, expenses and events beyond your control.

We have Acharya Rajesh who will be analyzing the reading.

You can request it for yourself, children, family &friends, as it is a comprehensive piece of Vedic astrology work in unlockingmysteries of your future along with accurate casting of your birth chart.

Career Transits Report

We all go through busy and stressful phases in career.Sometimes we experience sudden & unexpected success but do not make the mostof the options available.

Our special career transit report looks at various avenuessuch as Jupiter, Saturn. Your 10th house and other houses of service &business to analyze the expansions & contractions in career that are takingplace.

With the help of thereport you would be able to analyze:

  • Period when there would be maximum growth potential
  • Periods when controversy should be avoided
  • Love & high energy period
  • Good periods to make changes in career
  • Any potential problems from superiors, govt., clients or competition.

The report will be compiled based on:

  • Effecton your 10th house and other effect of business/job
  • Placement of Jupiter/Saturn /10th House lord/ascendant lord/Moon
  • Special aspect to the above house & transit effect

Astrological Remedies:

This is the most mysterious and complicated part of IndianAstrology with earliest references coming from the Vedas, making the firstliterature available even before the first known text on Indian Astrology wasdiscovered.

The Astrological Remedies can Broadly be broken up in threeparts :

Mantra - It is the recitation of a particularsound repeatedly to overcome the problems set forth by the planet whichresponds to that particular sound. The basis of mind in its objective andstructural aspect is the power inherent in different combinations of sounds.How consciousness differentiates into different states of mind is aninteresting question and is impossible to know in the real sense until we canraise our consciousness to the level where this differentiation takes place andthe manner in which it is brought about. Each root word generates a sound thatactivates a different centre in the human body that correlates to theparticular planet.

Tantra - At times when the Mantra does notwork because of difficult malefic position of planets in a horoscope in thatcase Tantric sound patterns work like surgery and clears most of the hurdles.

Yantra - This is a Mystic diagram often putup as a plaque. Some Yantra are a part of Tantra practice since Yantrais one of the cardinal principles of Tantra. This practise is followed when aparticular remedy has to be practised over a long period of time and thequerist is unable to perform other remedial measures due to ill-health, lack oftime or distance.

Besides this there are the common remedies in form of Gems& Metals in combination worn to help tide over malefic effects of planets.

We at make it our endevour to stick to the predictive part of Indian Astrologyand if the problems are moderate then the person should pray to god , lead ahonest life to tide over the difficult part till the bad phase is over.

But in some severe cases it has been noticed that the MaleficEffects of bad planetary combinations are such to push a person into abnormalmental stress, Giving life threatening ailments or push a person to the brinkof bankruptcy. Also in case of problematic birth stars a child is destined tolead a hollow life unless propriatory measures are taken to rectify the same (Birth in Moola Nakshatra etc).

Even marriages where the matching was not adhered to attracta lot of problem which can partially be solved with the help of remedies.

In case you feel that you are going through an unfavourablephase and would like us to examine your birth chart to suggest the Remedyplease click on the consultation link below with the problems you are facingcurrently.

We shall only be suggesting a remedy only if there is a genuineneed for the same. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THE REMEDY CANNOT BE SHORT ROUTE TOSUCCESS BUT TO HELP YOU TIDE OVER DIFFICULT ASTROLOGICAL TIMES.

Our remedies can be any of the following options:

  • Mantra
  • Yantra orTantra ( Maybe at an extra cost )
  • Gems or Metals - rings or talisman (asmentioned in ancient texts)

Suggestion only, Cost if any in procuring foryou will be communicated to you.

In case there is reservation against any systems to befollowed or against extra cost to be incurred then please mention that as part of your question.

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