Spiritual services

We are a part of the whole and let us understand our relationship with the whole and how things are influencing us. The ever- changing equilibrium of constant energy equation is influencing us. We, in turn, through our free-will actions, are also changing energy equilibrium as every action has opposite and equal reaction. Our body, our mind, our personality, our actions and reactions in addition to our own free will are governed by various factors beyond our control. Our health, education, career growth, gains and losses, as well as our married life and children are not fully under our control in spite of our best efforts.

We, being an integral part of cosmos from time immemorial, are enduring to understand our environment and other various factors, which are influencing, shaping and controlling our actions and their resultant reactions. The scientific attempt to explore the possibilities of life on other planets, satellites and stars is not new. This is our age-old quest to understand cosmos, to which we belong and are blended as an integral part.

We on behalf of you provide consultancy for your spiritual need.


  • We arrange Spiritual consultation from person to person or to group of people. We arrange Satsanghs, Devotional songs i.e. Bhajan Programmes, get together and gathering of learned spiritual people, prophecy by Divine people, Gurus, Scholars and Philanthropists etc.
  • We help you get peace of mind through Meditation, Chanting of Mantras, Increase in devotion towards God, Developmentof Faith in God and his miracles etc.
  • We advice Meditation. We teach you how to meditate.
  • We teach Mantras.
  • We tell you as to how to improve yourself by tapping cosmic energy, How to get benefits from cosmic energy?, Where to get cosmic energy? This COSMIC ENERGY gives you lot of power and when you experience this energy and feel the power, we shall be thrilled and thoroughly satisfied.
  • Counseling for personal problems is also taken up by us. Male or female, child or adult, any body who need our advice may consult us. Many people were benefited by our suggestions. You may also call us and we shall surely try to help you.

We are at your service.

We help you on following:

  • Meditation
  • Understanding Cosmic Energy
  • How to observe Cosmic Energy through Meditation
  • Advantages of Meditation
  • Timings and Duration of Meditation
  • Body Position while Meditation
  • Positive thinking
  • Benifits by Positive thinking and Faith
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